Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Take Three: Gotham

Gotham: Season 1, Episode 3 “The Balloonman” (C+)

More and more, I’m thinking that this isn’t the show for me. Though it will leave my Monday nights completely vacant, I think giving up on this show could be the right choice, especially considering the wealth of series airing on Sunday night that always tend to spill over into midweek viewing. What I’ll give this episode is the method of killing exercised by its villain: attaching those he deems deserving of death to weather balloons so that they literally float away terrified for the entire city to see. It’s a very comic book plot, which isn’t a bad thing, but little else about this series impresses me. The way that the police, particularly Harvey, use violence to intimidate and question their suspects is far too comical, and it’s hard to believe that James, pure as he is, could exist in this world. The scene in which James refused to let Lamond be carried away by his own balloon was awfully dramatic, but it just doesn’t track that James can behave so nobly and then still be a part of this Gotham universe (Alfred and Bruce are the only other pure ones). We got the very helpful if far-fetched information that Renee isn’t just gunning for James because she thinks he’s crooked but also because she used to date Barbara, who was busy getting high in this hour. Oswald is pretty terrible at following instructions, if his immediate presence in Gotham and his decision to show up at James’ door are any indication.

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