Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pilot Review: Claws

Claws (TNT)
Premiered June 11 at 9pm

I think I knew from the first moment that this show wasn’t for me. It’s on a network that isn’t always known for its top-notch quality but has been able to deliver some decent entertainment in the past few years with a couple of reliable shows. This one is certainly loud and empathic, and its energetic opening scene set the tone for the whole episode. It was obvious from the start that the horribly obnoxious two-timing dealer, who was audacious enough to broadcast it unapologetically, was going to get killed, and while Desna strangling him would have been a bit more satisfying, the way that it transpired did the trick. I recognized a handful of performers in this pilot, all from their previous TV work. It would make more sense to me for Niecy Nash to earn an Emmy nomination for this showy turn than for her mild and unmemorable performance on “Getting On.” Emmy winner Carrie Preston is just the right person to play the recently released Polly, who’s pretty much the same as all of the other characters she’s played but with a tiny bit more of an edge. Judy Reyes is playing the polar opposite of Carla from “Scrubs,” and Harold Perrineau from “Lost” also has the chance to try a different kind of part. And then there’s Dean Norris from “Breaking Bad,” who plays a character named Uncle Daddy, whose very moniker pretty much sums up my feelings about this show and why this opening hour is more than enough for me for a lifetime.

How will it work as a series? Well, these women are already in over their heads and now they’ve got a murder to cover up, and something tells me this is just the tip of the iceberg. These are some loud, colorful characters, and they’re going to have a lot of opportunity to make some noise as they try to keep their activities on the down-low.
How long will it last? I can’t understand how this show actually managed to net mostly positive reviews since I couldn’t stand a minute of it. It seems like the ratings were solid, so maybe this show will have a future after all. I wouldn’t count on it just now, but I wouldn’t be too shocked if TNT orders more of this trash.

Pilot grade: D-