Monday, June 19, 2017

What I’m Watching: Dark Matter (Season Premiere)

Dark Matter: Season 3, Episodes 1 and 2 “It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This” and “Being Better is So Much Harder” (B+)

This to me is one of the most underrated and least talked-about shows on television, and it’s really a very good show. After season one presented a shocking death that turned out to very permanent, we got another loss – Nyx – in the season two finale – that’s already had a serious effect on things since Two and the rest of the crew now want to kill Four. Well, of course he’s not really Four anymore, even though he refers to his former crew members by their numeric names and remembers enough about Nyx that he was furious when he found out that she had been killed. That he wasn’t the one who did it will probably prove inconsequential to Two and Three, since they’re set on killing him anyway since he’s being too much of a menace to continue to exist and terrorize everyone. That anomaly or whatever it was created by the use of the blink drive was intense, eating away everything in its path and absorbing it all into white nothingness. With that one issue resolved, we still have the much more problematic development that Five is continually susceptible to flashing back to these memories, which are very informative but also uncontrollable in their nature, leading her state of consciousness to be highly unpredictable. At least the family is back together for the most part, missing just two of their original ranks but with the addition of a seventh, the android, who makes creative vegetable casseroles and fishes for compliments from her fellow crew members who have to be aware that she’s still evolving.

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