Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What I’m Watching: Sense8

Sense8: Season 2, Episode 6 “Isolated Above, Connected Below” (B+)

This is the first episode I’ve watched since I learned of this show’s cancellation, a rare move for Netflix but hardly a surprise given that this strange show must have a very niche audience. I’m not devastated by the news, but it is a shame that it came only after this season concluded, since presumably things weren’t tied up neatly (not that they could be given its layered and complex nature) and I can’t imagine any other sensates besides Will and Riley will actually meet up in person. The sex scene between Kala and Wolfgang was quite passionate, supplemented by an amusing kiss on the mouth for Wolfgang meant for Kala, and their energy is nearly as intense as that of lovers who really are standing in the same room. I like that Riley is now communicating frequently with sensates from other clusters, taking the burden off of Will, and she’s learning a lot, thanks in part to her demonstration of trust that encouraged him to open up and let her in to his relatively serene world. It’s nice to see both Capheus and Lito score major victories that helped them escape briefly from the confines of their world, with an embarrassment of riches and technology, and a warm embrace of a previously forbidden and hidden lifestyle, respectively. Those positive moments were helpful considering the dark ending of this episode featuring a flashback to Angelic and the turn of events that led to the first death in that cluster beginning its descent, something that Riley seems on track to start too if she travels to Chicago.