Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Round Two: I’m Dying Up Here

I’m Dying Up Here: Season 1, Episode 2 “Midnight Special” (C+)

I think I’d like to get into this show, ideally, but I just don’t have the patience for it right now. Its dated feel is matched by its glacial pacing, and it’s hard to watch at certain points due to the extremely uncomfortable tone of just about every scene. There are some innocent enough things, like Goldie having Adam come to her house to do handywork because he knows when not to say anything and he happens to know how to fix things too. And then there’s the rampant chauvinism best represented by Bill’s visiting father, played by a surprisingly enthusiastic Glenn Morshower, compared to his dry portrayal of Agent Aaron Pierce on “24,” who couldn’t believe that Cassie would could both have a job and be his son’s girlfriend. Bill’s set in which he shouted down the group of laid-off women in the front row was truly painful. I’m not sure if it’s thought-provoking or just mundane to hear the comics make the same jokes again and again, since the laughter serves as an endearing comfort. Eddie and Ron’s time on “Let’s Make a Deal” was pretty ridiculous – apparently, it’s not that hard to get picked – and oly they could celebrate winning Rice-a-Roni for a year, literally putting food on their table and nothing more. Ralph and Edgar’s feud was more than just a little petty. I think this is enough of this show for me now – it’s been mildly interesting and I’m more than okay parting ways with it.

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