Thursday, June 15, 2017

What I’m Watching: iZombie

iZombie: Season 3, Episode 10 “Return of the Dead Guy” (B+)

I like that Peyton is playing a bigger role this season and isn’t just relegated to being a mismatched love interest for Blaine, who all of a sudden may now be a good guy once again. It was only fair that she had to play a part and tease out some information from Liv in a very sexual way after pushing her to eat the brain so that she could prove her accused’s innocence, and after some brief foreplay, they came much closer to an unexpected answer than they thought they would. I enjoy how easily bored Peyton is, with her now rivaling Clive for the best reactions to everything that happens in this zombieverse. We’ve also started seeing Liv’s visions from the other side, with her wearing a blank expression on her face for a good long period of time. I don’t think anything’s lost because of that since it’s more fun to see things from a different perspective. Hallucinating Drake wasn’t as enticing, but it was impressive that Liv owned up to it and didn’t even try to hide it from her new boyfriend, even when she was making out with him. The return of Stacey Boss didn’t take the direction I expected it to, and now Blaine has turned a problematic situation into a very lucrative partnership that the dubious mob boss was more than happy to accept in exchange for his life. Ravi did his best to get himself and Don E out of their predicament, and it’s just a shame that he couldn’t remember anyone’s phone number. Liv and Blaine both amping up before going in to save Ravi’s life was an exciting cliffhanger that’s sure to pay off in the next episode.

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