Friday, September 5, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Bridge

The Bridge: Season 2, Episode 9 “Rakshasa” (A-)

This show really knows how to craft a grueling episode. Sonya’s abduction by the Chopper could have been just a filler plotline, one which involved far too much plodding and pausing on her would-be killer’s part, literally challenging her to get away, with her survival entirely assured due to her role on the show. But this killer was just like this show’s other two big bad guys, David Tate and Eleanor, who relish the ritual of killing just as much as the necessary act itself. This turned out to be a harrowing experience for Sonya, who held out and tried desperately to escape, only to not recognize Marco when he finally came to save her. This show’s walls are closing in, as Marco helping out Sebastian’s daughter led directly to Marco finding out about the hit on Sonya and rushing to her aid. I’m glad Marco didn’t hesitate to shoot the Chopper, ready to shoot first and ask questions later to ensure the safety of those important to him. Events at Red Ridge started out much more calmly despite a brutal suffocation, but they ended far more brutally than anyone could have expected. Eleanor and Cesar getting arrested by McKenzie and Hank seemed too clean, but I wasn’t prepared for the shootout that resulted in the shocking and devastating loss of one of this show’s best characters, Charlotte. Let’s hope that Hank survived, since I don’t think Sonya could bounce back from that loss, especially after coming so close to death herself.

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