Sunday, September 28, 2014

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 4, Episode 2 “Dice” (B+)

This episode was a lot of fun, putting its two wildest characters – Schmidt and Jess – together and leaving the rest to do something else that, for once, centered on Winston. What was most exciting was that this was the return of the Schmidt we all know, love, and sort of hate, a fast-talking, fully entertaining personality who is set in his ways and has very specific opinions about what’s right and what’s wrong, in this case when it comes to online dating. Watching him run through the kinds of behavior that are unacceptable with a Taboo buzzer in hand was a blast, and Jess’ reaction to the whole thing was great. My favorite part was Jess’ flat reading of the exit lines that Schmidt gave her and her subsequent departures from the bad dates. Exiting the dream date early seemed like a mistake, and it was enjoyable to see that it really wasn’t the right choice thanks to his excessive interest in magic. It was a treat to see both Cece and Coach feeling pretty relaxed as they decided that it was the right time to smoke pot before Winston officially became a cop, and while this may be the first time we’ve seen Nick high, it’s really just an excuse for him to babble ridiculousness, which is always worthwhile. It’s great that Winston rallied his friends to have fun with the threesome in the closet, and Winston earned himself a far from enviable nickname – Toilet – that’s sure to delight him anyway.

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