Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan: Season 2, Episode 8 “Sunny” (A-)

Talk about a harrowing, wrenching hour, this after last week’s already intense episode. Things escalated in a big way as Avi protested his assigned duty of tailing Abby as she met Jim at a motel, and there wasn’t much time for things to fester before they outright exploded. Ray going to Jim’s house was bold, but he didn’t actually try to intimidate him after he kicked down the door, more just asked him strongly to stop seeing his wife. In typical fashion, Ray didn’t deal with it in a particularly verbose or conversational way, instead just demanding her signature and refusing to speak to her about it. She did an excellent job of throwing his many infidelities in his face, and there’s really no way of coming back from this easily. What’s far more jarring, of course, and is sure to cast things in a new light. Bridget defying her parents was one thing, but ending up in the back of the car as Lee’s attempts to undercut Cookie failed miserably and he came to shoot both Recon and Marvin. She’ll evidently be traumatized, and rightly so, and let’s hope Ray handles it well in the middle of all this pressure. Mickey’s instant three picture deal was way too good to be true, and it’s a shame that his tussle with Alan managed to get it all cancelled so quickly. I love that he stole silverware and was so happy about it. His hopes may have been deflated, but at least he came out ahead and he’s doing a whole lot better than the rest of his family.

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