Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What I’m Watching: Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex: Season 2, Episode 8 “Mirror, Mirror” (C-)

This episode wasn’t as bad as last week’s time-jumping mess, but I still think this show got way off track and there’s no way for it to straighten itself out and get back on course. I really should stop watching, and may well muster up the courage to do so when other shows start to return for their fall seasons in a few weeks. It seems a strange time to introduce a mystery sibling for Bill in the form of Christian Borle’s Frank, who appears intent on reasserting himself in his brother’s life due to his alleged fertility troubles. At the very least it will give Bill yet another distraction so that he can stay unfocused on his home life. I’m not sure what to make of Libby’s run-in with Robert and her newfound conscience which compels her to do the right thing and stand up for an underprivileged community. Betty has become quite the financial expert recently, very knowledgeable of what’s needed to circumvent an audit, and fortunately Virginia is more than competent at getting a board member to sign on, awkwardly confused by the police chief as Bill’s wife with Libby standing right next to the work pair. All of these sexual discussions with Betsy Brandt’s Barbara and Kevin Christy’s Lester are presented so frontally and unsubtly, and I feel like this show has lost all the finesse it used to have, no longer using subtext and layers and instead putting everything at disappointing face value, forcing explicit conversation about sex at every turn.

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