Sunday, September 21, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Bridge

The Bridge: Season 2, Episodes 10 and 11 “Eidolon” and “Beholder” (B+)

After the deadly shootout that occurred in episode nine, putting the pieces back together hasn’t been easy, and has nearly led to more bloodshed on the part of our favorite protagonists. It’s a relief that this show transformed into an action series with an intense chase scene when Eleanor was ready to go torture Hank’s wife to make him confess where he had hidden the ledger. Unfortunately, the successive episode, in which Sonya got herself pretty easy access to Eleanor before being interrupted by Adam Arkin’s straight-faced federal investigator, showed that Eleanor is far from out of the picture. Ian Hart always plays seedy characters, but the fact that his CIA agent immediately released Eleanor and is now planning to get the ledger back and ensure order to things is immensely disconcerting. That’s not to say that Marco’s journey to the mountains to find Galvan is going any better, since his police escorts were stupid enough to get themselves killed and now Marco’s cover has been blown. With Hank in the hospital and Eleanor on Sonya’s trail, who will be able to rescue Marco? Maybe Sebastian can help if he’s not too distraught about his daughter, but I think that Daniel and Adriana may actually be closer to unraveling the truth and stepping in at just the right moment. On an unrelated note, Steven looks so normal and a whole lot like Daniel Day-Lewis with his beard shaved. Kudos to Eva for the good idea, and it’s great to see them finally get together in a normal way.

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