Thursday, September 18, 2014

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan: Season 2, Episodes 9 and 10 “Snowflake” and “Volchek” (B+)

The aftermath of Marvin’s murder is certainly not doing good things for the Donovan family. Ray swooped in to protect Bridget as would be expected, but as his tendency, he didn’t do it in the warmest way possible, resulting in Bridget hating him and Abby being paranoid about Cookie coming to kill the witness to his crime. Cookie stopping by to pay his fake condolences to Bridget was a big misstep on his part, and let’s hope that Ray manages to get things under control before someone makes a mistake. Abby asking Jim to get rid of Cookie for her wasn’t the smartest or most realistic idea, but he seems level-headed enough not to do something truly stupid. Ronald was an easy target for Ray, and now it looks like he’s made himself an even easier mark for Mickey, so desperate for money that he’s willing to help out on a job that partners Mickey, Shorty, their prostitute friend, and unlikely muscle Terry, who I’m very worried might be the one to take the fall just as he’s planning his miraculous exodus to Ireland. It’s sad that Bunchy’s relationship was going so well and that what was meant to be an intimate gesture ruined everything. Cochrane is one of the most detestable characters this show has ever seen, and that’s saying something, telling Ray he needs Kate gone and that he might need to kill him too. The worst thing was berating Tom for thinking to ask for a promotion and then transferring him to North Dakota as revenge for giving Ray blackmail. No wonder he showed up at dinner and then killed himself, an act that triggered only annoyance on Cochrane’s face. Ray’s relationship with Kate is definitely fascinating, though it took a dark turn with the choking when Kate pressed him about his past with the priest. I liked the end of the second hour where Ray took off all his clothes and ran into the ocean to the cheers of a very unique, enthusiastic, and encouraging Steve.

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