Monday, June 4, 2018

What I’m Watching: Brockmire

Brockmire: Season 2, Episode 6 “Broadcasters Jinx” (B+)

I called the fact that old-school Art was going to be a racist from the very beginning of this episode, but that didn't stop it from being as enjoyable as possible given Jules once again not being present. Phil Reeves was a great actor to play Art, recognizable from his roles as similarly unfiltered and far more unapologetically rude characters on "Veep" and "Detour." Of course Brockmire would choose as the one thing that he found objectionable Art's racism, and feel the need to call him out on it on-air in a way that enabled them both to miss the most momentous and unprecedented moments of the game. What proved most enjoyable about this episode was that it gave a strong showcase to Dreama Walker, who I had worried would be a relegated to a lackluster recurring part. Whitney getting drunk and freaking out at Brockmire was great, and I hope we see more moments like this if they're ever given the chance to interact again. Brockmire's future seems very uncertain now that Charles is pursuing other enterprises, and I'm not sure how easily their relationship can be repaired. It's very clear that Brockmire needs Charles to be able to succeed, and realizing that he's looking into other options, even just on the side, shows that Brockmire truly is on his own. I'm not sure what comes next for him, but I don't think that Charles is going to be able to get away from Brockmire's influence and toxic orbit anytime soon.

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