Sunday, June 3, 2018

What I’m Watching: You, Me, Her (Season Finale)

You, Me, Her: Season 3, Episode 10 “You Be You and I’ll Be Me” (B)

It’s difficult to know whether this show will be back for another season and when that announcement might come given that the last news of any renewal came almost two years ago, and therefore it’s probably safest to assume that this is the series finale. I hope that’s not the case since I do think there’s more to be explored with these characters, but I’d say that it was a relatively fitting conclusion if that’s what it ends up being. Their impromptu three-way wedding was exactly in keeping with most of their activities, more than a little weird but approached as perfectly normal since it works for them. They did have some big wins, the most significant of which were Emma discussing her lifestyle with her employers and being supported and Ben showing up to the wedding and offering some sort of affirmation of their relationship. Realizing on the drive that Izzy had dumped them made them miss her more than anything, and it was sweet that they came back for her and made sure that they weren’t taking her for granted anymore. Izzy’s romantic decision was far less compelling, since she at first joked about becoming a thruple and then turned them both down since she really needs to focus on herself, something she’s been doing all season long. Dave and Carmen didn’t get much screen time in this episode, but maybe we’ll see them do other things also. I don’t think that this show has exhausted its premise, and I’d be eager to return for season four if the powers that be decide this show is worth continuing.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Priscilla Faia as Izzy

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