Tuesday, June 5, 2018

What I’m Watching: Lost in Space

Lost in Space: Season 1, Episode 8 “Trajectory” (B+)

One potentially treacherous element was neutralized at the start of this episode, with Maureen and John working together to ensure that the Dhars’ jupiter didn’t take off, but that unfortunately wasn’t all the Robinsons should have been worried about in this hour. Maureen did her best to strip the jupiter of every piece that didn’t need to be on board, and Don was smart to advise that the weight calculations weren’t exactly correct since the actual ship wasn’t quite the same as the specifications on paper. The Robinsons simulating John’s journey into space was both an entertaining and effective exercise, closing the doors so that he could feel the g-force pull and then waking him up after he was out for nineteen seconds each time before Maureen announced that he was dead. Don didn’t respond quite as quickly, but having the two of them up there should have been a recipe for success. Will’s curiosity, as always, got the best of him, and Dr. Smith, ever the manipulative liar who had already been caught by Maureen, conned him into letting her out. Why she had to knock Maureen out at just the moment that she was going to give John and Don crucial instructions on where to turn next is a mystery, and I still think that they survived even though that explosion looked bad from the surface of the planet. I’m not as certain that the Resolute is still intact, but I didn’t imagine that they would make it anyway given this show’s premise of them being lost in space. On a less life-and-death note, Penny got the ultimate revenge on Vijay after he broke up with her while they weren’t even together, calling him a bad kisser as he ran away from her.

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