Wednesday, June 13, 2018

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 3, Episode 21 “Not Kansas” (B-)

All the action played out very quickly at the start of this episode, with our returning team easily subduing Reign and returning Sam to her human form, abandoning her for the entirety of the hour to be happy with Ruby. I did feel that the reintroduction of Kara’s mother felt extremely sudden last week, and so having Kara return to try living there at least acknowledged its abruptness and its potential for completely changing the way this show works. Why multiple Kryptonians don’t just decide to come to Earth so that they can take down Reign and other threats is a mystery to me, since they would all have the same powers as Kara and Clark and they’d be able to wrap things up pretty quickly. But they have their own security protocols and naturally they all thought that Kara was crazy to think that someone was trying to harm her, and they don’t trust her enough to realize that protecting Earth is a worthwhile cause that they should assist her in for the benefit of all people everywhere. The non-alien focus of this episode felt awfully preachy, trying to deal with more contemporary issues like gun control in a very overt way. James and Lena didn’t really resolve their own disagreements, and Hank’s big speech about creating non-lethal weapons for use at the DEO felt a bit too much like a political appeal (even if it’s one that I might be tempted to agree with).

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