Wednesday, June 20, 2018

What I’m Watching: Humans

Humans: Season 3, Episode 2 (B+)
He may not be particularly emotive, but Max is a good, calm leader, one who wants to make sure that the synths under his care aren’t all unilaterally punished for the crimes of others. He was smart to make sure to get Mattie and Leo out of there as quickly as possible once Agnes indicated that her subordination wasn’t close to over and that she was determined to find whatever he was hiding. Niska wasn’t into following his orders either, and her latest trip allowed us to see Mia springing into action to help protect the refugee synths who arrived looking for some hope of salvation. Though she was originally upset at the idea of having a synth escort because of her role on the commission, Laura found ways to use Stanley to her advantage, helping with the shopping list, catching projectiles thrown by angry people, and calculating the percentage of likely truth in a fellow commission member’s statement. I was questioning why it was that Joe continues to be a part of this show, teaching Toby about work ethic in his moderately successful grocery store, and I guess it’s so that he can help Karen and Sam realize that they’re not nearly as safe as they think they are, even if Sam is able to correct his “inadequacy requires more effort” statement to something a bit more human. Joe hasn’t been useful for a while, so let’s hope that him being featured prominently means that he’s going to an asset rather than the hindrance he’s been since he first tried to have sex with Mia.

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