Thursday, September 20, 2018

Round Two: Kidding

Kidding: Season 1, Episode 2 “Pusillanimous” (B)

In its second installment, this show demonstrates again just how weird it is while managing to remain extremely intriguing, pretty much the same as the pilot. The opening scene with his car getting stolen right off the street and taking apart only to be put right back together and returned as soon as they realized who it belonged to wasn’t mentioned at all after that, but I guess is supposed to show the contradictory nature of the world, much like how Jeff insists on using a good word instead of a bad word while no one in his life does that. Coming to see a kid in the hospital with his new haircut was a sweet moment, and that hair decision was swiftly made irrelevant by the wig that masked it. He isn’t giving up on what he wants to do, though Sebastian is ready to fight him at every turn. The flash to just how strong Jill’s sex life was shocked me a bit since it came out of nowhere, but that’s what a lot of this show is, just like Deirdre trying to deal with confronting her suspicions that her husband is gay. I’m very happy that Justin Kirik, the amazing “Weeds” veteran, has joined the cast as Peter, who thinks that Jeff is being nice to him when he nicknamed him Big P. I think I’m happy to officially pick this show up as one of my weekly series at this point, especially since it’s only eight episodes long.

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