Thursday, September 20, 2018

What I’m Watching: Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul: Season 4, Episode 7 “Something Stupid” (B+)

This show was renewed for a fifth season back in August, and even if that’s not the last of it, we’re getting closer to seeing Jimmy as Saul Goodman, presumably a future that doesn’t include Kim. As a result, it’s just a matter of time before whatever creates a true impasse in their relationship happens, since it’s hard to imagine Kim sticking around while Jimmy becomes an expressly crooked lawyer who doesn’t mind marketing himself as such. Kim seemed very angry to learn that Jimmy had been selling drop phones on the street when he came to her to ask for help keeping Huell out of jail, but her aim is always to do things sort of the right way in order to protect Jimmy from himself. Jimmy charmed everyone at his work function but, as usual, pushed the boundaries too much and ended up selling something completely over-the-top and unrealistic when initially he appeared to be offering legitimate recommendations that could have been put into action. Mike is dealing with delays and insubordination on his end, and I’m not sure exactly where that’s going to head and why it’s relevant. Hector getting quizzed on pictures to show what he knows and can recognize was obviously a miserable process for him, and Gus monitoring his progress so carefully shows just what a calculating kingpin he really is, pretending to care about him so that he can keep him under close watch and make sure he has no hope of returning to who he was.

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