Friday, September 14, 2018

What I’m Watching: Insecure

Insecure: Season 3, Episode 5 “High-like” (B)

I’m never too excited when an episode of any show features a drug bender since there’s a tendency to get sidetracked with scenes of complete delusion and absurd behavior. There certainly was that here, mainly with Kellie getting herself tased after she got a little bit too confrontational with the woman who didn’t seem to care that she had taken the spots that they were trying to hold. But there were some stronger developments in this half-hour, namely Issa seeing Nathan, who I really just want to refer to as Nanceford, and pushing him on why he hadn’t bothered to reach back out to her. They had quite the moment on the ride before it started going and real life kicked back in, reminding Issa that she was, as usual, neglecting one part of her life to invest in another. Tiffany is indeed in a very different place than the rest of her friends, thinking ahead to her future and what responsibility looks like. Molly didn’t last long before she gave in to Issa’s peer pressure, and while she was smart enough to get her work done when everyone else was passed out when she arrived, she nearly undid it all when she was going to submit some rambling nonsense while she was high. Volunteering for more work when she already had plans just to seem more committed than her male rival was self-destructive enough in itself, and that’s surely not the last such problematic work decision that she’ll make.

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