Saturday, December 8, 2007

What I'm Watching: Dirty Sexy Money

Dirty Sexy Money: Season 1, Episode 10 "The Nutcracker" (B+)

I really do wish that Lisa would have just let loose and kissed Jeremy. I am obviously not supporting infidelity, but it would be nice to see someone outside of this crazy, wacky family make an unwise decision for once. I am glad that Alex Nesic from "Sleeper Cell" is checking in as Juliet's new flame, especially because this means we will have more screentime for Samaire Armstrong. Best of all, though, what an excellent twist at the end of the episode! This show continually keeps its viewers on their toes - seemingly ignorant, self-obsessed Karen is actually manipulating Simon Elder on behalf of her father. I think there are a few of these left in the can, and hopefully ABC will air them soon.

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