Monday, December 17, 2007

What I'm Watching: Smallville

Smallville: Season 7, Episode 9 "Gemini" (F)

I wish "Smallville" would take some bigger leaps and actually put its characters in serious jeopardy rather than obvious situations where Clark can easily save them. The bomb was not even on Chloe! It was in her purse! That bomber had better hope that Chloe brings her purse with her everywhere he goes, otherwise he is screwed. Daily Planet editor Michael Cassidy had better really be Julien Luthor, because that is a lame twist if it does pan out and turn out to be in fact true. This show is never good at actually making progress (Clark telling Lana in the 100th episode before her memory was erased, Chloe having a healing factor that saved both her and Lois) and it would be nice if for once a truthful and lasting development could occur. Where the hell is Supergirl? She just flew off the show. Even Lois was in this episode.

"Smallville" returns on January 31st, an hour before the much more highly anticipated premiere of "Lost". Those two should make for an interesting pairing, especially because the latter should actually make some progress and be slightly satisfying.

**In my initial post, I completely forgot to mention the whole Clark-as-Brainiac thing. I was reminded of it reading this week's issue of "TV Guide". That is an interesting twist, but that means we have to see Tom Welling try to act bad-ass again. Ick.

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