Sunday, November 8, 2009

What I’m Watching: 30 Rock

30 Rock: Season 4, Episode 4 “Audition Day” (B-)

Seeing Jack squirm as he’s cast off by society is fun, but the way it starts out is a bit silly. Bed bugs as a major issue in New York City, as far as I know, isn’t something that’s currently happening now more than ever. Perhaps it’s supposed to serve as a euphemism for swine flu, the current disease that can be perceived of as an epidemic and which has instilled panic in its citizens. In any case, Jack’s frequent scratching and sad sack attitude doesn’t really fit him, and the way that Kenneth and the cab driver so quickly recognize his symptoms doesn’t feel right. Jack’s subway ride was somewhat amusing but also quite over-the-top and preposterous. The same can be said for the horrible mess that the Hornberger system warped into, pulling together too many wild and wacky personalities and putting them in one place. Jenna and Tracy are pretty entertaining when they’re together, but they’re also loose cannons who really cannot be controlled. It is great to see DotCom break out his more theatrical side, and Jenna’s failure to differentiate between Grizz and DotCom was funny. The audition process was hit or miss, performer-to-performer, and the highlight was probably the return of Josh, who identified himself as a former cast member, only to have no one care. Pete’s quick grab off the street of the robot was pretty zany, but good for a quick laugh. The fact that Jack actually chose him in his state of delirium seems like a serious misstep for the show that could have detrimental effects in the coming episodes. The revelation that Liz’s choice for the new cast member was actually manipulative and a complete liar was somewhat amusing, but sort of came out of nowhere. This show has become a bit unhinged, and it seems as if the addition of the new cast member won’t be as show-saving as I had hoped.

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