Thursday, November 12, 2009

What I’m Watching: Californication

Californication: Season 3, Episode 7 “So Here’s The Thing…” (B+)

Who knew that Hank’s attempts to break off his three elicit affairs would result in such terrible failure in such diverse ways? Each effort was simply more outrageous and counter to Hank’s intentions than the previous one, and increasingly entertaining to boot. Hank was powerless in resisting Jackie, and that scene worked out wondrously in that it brought in the woefully underused Dean Koons, who tried to convey fury but instead got himself caught off guard by Jackie’s duplicity and flirtation, and ultimately saw him left dumbfounded by Hank’s exiting comment. Hank’s restaurant rendezvous with Jill brought out an unusually feminine side of Hank, and it was really fun to see him be so ridiculous in his kindly gesture to Jill to help her deal with her former flame being engaged. The cut after his “so here’s the thing…” was a fantastic way of wrapping that up, since it’s unclear whether he quite severed the relationship’s cord completely or simply let his breakup slide to avoid angering his testy teaching assistant. The most surprising turn of events was Hank’s visit to the Koons residence, where it seemed like Felicia’s sense of being spurned would result in things ending poorly between them. Instead, Ken Marino appeared as an admirer of Hank’s who planned to help Felicia cash in her free affair card and got taken down a peg by a bullying Hank. The look on Felicia’s face when Hank kissed her and picked her up was priceless, and easily one of the best moments of the season. If only Hank could use his prowess for charming women to get on his daughter’s good side, but it doesn’t seem like that’s possible, considering her knowledge of his promiscuous behavior.

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