Sunday, November 15, 2009

What I’m Watching: Smallville

Smallville: Season 9, Episode 8 “Idol” (C+)

This episode works more as an idea than in its actual execution. The Wonder Twins are pretty lame and don’t feel like they belong on this show, but having them helps put things in perspective. Clark really is all the things Lois thinks he’s not when it comes to saving people, and he always does a great job of making sure people can taken care of and saving them just in the nick of time. His role as the protective Blur is important to the city of Metropolis, and he fills it well. The fact that the female Wonder Twin was played by Allion Scagliotti, also known as Claudia on “Warehouse 13,” was fun because it’s always great to see sci-fi stars popping up on shows in the same genre, even if it’s an actress from a sub-par sci-fi show on a sub-par episode of a somewhat better show. Lois’ accidental discovery that the Blur was in fact Clark was a fantastic moment, though it’s so impossibly frustrating that, as always seems to be the case on this show, it was all just pretend and she doesn’t actually know anything. At least in this case it’s not memory loss or an imagined reality, and the deception is orchestrated by a very meddlesome and clearly jealous Chloe, who definitely wants to share a secret with Clark even if she claims to be looking out for his best interests. Lois’ therapy also isn’t the best way to realize her affection for Clark, but it’s a start. It would be a bit better if the district attorney hadn’t actually thrown her off the building to try to frame the Blur, but I guess Metropolis is supposed to be a dark city filled with corruption akin to something like, say, Gotham City. The final scene with Clark and Lois’ shared kiss was a touching moment, and its violent conclusion is a sign that there are intense things to come on this show, hopefully sometime soon.

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