Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What I’m Watching: Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives: Season 6, Episode 7 “Be Careful What You Say” (B-)

I’m so glad that Andrea Bowen is back on this show. I thought she was incredibly strong in the show’s first season when she was only fourteen, and now that she’s grown up a bit, she’s even better. I also like the fact that the show brought her back after getting rid of her for a bit, and she’s been great this season, building to her terrific scene at the start of this episode. This show is actually doing much better this season than in the past few years, and while it isn’t anywhere close to the tremendous quality of its first season, some of its elements are doing very well and getting more interesting with every episode. Angie really comes out in full force this episode with terrific material, and several excellent scenes. Her attempts to appear dignified and presentable in front of her guests while her husband is pushing too hard and trying to find his New York accent were just the start. Her conversation with Bree about being good at hiding things was quite powerful, and her seemingly casual brushing off of Nick’s affair results in a fearsome release of her stress. Bree’s uneasiness with the idea of hiring another unknown quantity from the Wisteria Line pool of crazy women is understandable, and she had good comic and dramatic moments in this episode, with her massive, deceptive cooking and her outburst at Orson for trying to win her back despite her unhappiness. Lynette turning to Tom for support on Julie’s problem is a welcome thing, and it’s a good tribute to her that she’s a great mother figure. The threat Nick issues to her is reminiscent of the last time a neighbor confessed his true nature to her, when pedophile Art (Matt Roth) told her that his sister had been the only thing keeping his perversion at bay in the third season episode “The Miracle Song,” and her reaction is similarly stark and affecting. Susan has seen better days, and she’s had much more intriguing interactions with cops in the past. The fact that the episode’s closing note leaves her in jail is something new, and I’m not quite sure what to make of it, whether it’s trying to imply anything about Susan or not.

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Andrew K. said...

Nice writeup. Bree and Angie were very good in this episode. Though I must say I love how reactionary an actor Kyle McLachlan [right spelling?] is. When Bree goes off on him. It's cool. Hopefully things improve.