Monday, September 27, 2010

What Andy's Watching: Survivor

Guest critic Andy offers his thoughts on this season of Survivor. Apologies for the out-of-order posting.

Survivor: Season 21, Episode 2 "Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All" (B+)

Sometimes I feel that the hardship of participating on Survivor are often overlooked by viewers by the way that the episodes are edited. I wish that more time would be spent showing up just how sucky it is to be out in the wild.

These are people who have slept in comfortable beds their entire lives, and now they are sleeping on the floor outside. They are used to having food readily available. Now they don’t.
Watching someone having a nervous breakdown kind of lets the reality of their situation show through a bit. Holly spiraling into a mode of craziness definitely shows just how taxing the experience can be.

Ok, she went a little nuts and hid Dan’s shoes. I can understand that. However, admitting that she hid the shoes is probably one of the stupidest things she can do. When Russell used to sabotage his tribemates (destroying shoes, emptying water containers, hiding the knife), he never owned up to it. And even though he was probably suspected, there never was evidence to definitively point the finger at him.

Why Jimmy Johnson still has faith in Holly is beyond my comprehension. Probably because he is an idiot too.

It’s weird that these tribes even have real names, because Probst just refers to them as the younger and older tribes. For the record, the names are Espada and La Flor.

La Flor always marching in with a beat is really funny. Sure it didn’t help them win, but it shows that they are having fun and enjoying themselves. It will be interesting to see if they keep up the spirit with this weeks devastating loss and explosive, tribe dividing tribal council.

Regarding the Medallion of Power – I don’t think it made such a big difference in the outcome of the challenge. Based on how awesome Tyrone (old tribe) was doing, and how terrible Benry (young tribe) was, I think the old tribe was going to win either way.

Tribal Council for the young tribe was as intense as heck. It’s very interesting that the first decision on who to vote out was between two strong players, because usually the first ones to leave a tribe are the weak, and it a decision about which person is weaker.

While I think Shannon would have proven to be a very interesting player and it is a shame to see him leave, he is kind of a homophobic asshole. His attack on Sash was not so surprising, but totally unnecessary. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is what cause both Benry and Kelly B to turn on him. (I’m sure they had their doubts going into Tribal Council, but his remarks might have been the final nail in the coffin).

Judd blurting out "can we vote" during Tribal Council is hilarious. As stupid as he may seem, he definitely provides the most entertainment value. He is probably is going to screw up his alliance's plan somewhere down the line, and then that happens, its going to be great.

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