Friday, September 17, 2010

What I’m Watching: Weeds

Weeds: Season 6, Episode 4 “Bliss” (B+)

On the surface, “Weeds” looks like a show that has lost its marbles. A closer look, however, shows that it’s actually quite hilarious in all of its wackiness. The most delusional of plotlines is Killer Shane’s attempt to pose as a soccer mom, only to have his story punctured not by his age or attitude but by some dastardly clever research on fatalities in Iraq. It’s a storyline that only this show could pull off, and it’s doing a pretty decent job considering just how far-fetched it should appear. Silas’ efforts to experience college give him a much-needed and somewhat deserved opportunity to distract himself from the misery of his life with a bit of juvenile normalcy. Nancy is dealing with not one but two obnoxious people as she tries to get her hash empire off the ground, one who’s ecologically conscious and powers her car with vegetable oil (played by Linda Hamilton) and the other who thinks he’s on top of the world despite being an entitled bellhop (played by Adam Rose). The combination of crazy personalities works pretty well since Nancy has always been good at appearing less nuts than the people around her. It’s good that Andy’s gotten himself a promotion, even though he nearly lost a finger to the utterly terrifying Peter Stormare. The most entertaining and pleasantly surprising element of the episode is the continued incorporation of last season’s story by having Cesar, Ignacio, and Doug take a car ride together, where we discover that Cesar is absolutely the worst 20 Questions player ever. There’s hardly ever been a funnier stoic henchman as him.

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