Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What I’m Watching: Dexter (Season Premiere)

Dexter: Season 5, Episode 1 “My Bad” (B/B+)

I’m torn about what grade to give this episode since it’s a truly intriguing hour but just doesn’t have the same appeal and magic of previous “Dexter” season premieres. Like its main character, the show is in a state of shock: where do things possibly go from here? At the end of season three, Dexter was seen bleeding while dancing with his new bride, indicating that it would be difficult for him to merge his serial killer lifestyle with having a family. Now, he’ll likely has custody of at least one and probably three kids, and though he told Rita that he liked kids, he’s not up for the task. Much of Dexter’s anger in this episode stems from the fact that he’s lost control of his situation, and there isn’t anything he can do to bring Rita back or set things right again. This episode was interesting because much of it was spent memorializing a character that was pretty much universally hated, and it’s clear after this hour that Rita was important to Dexter, even if he wasn’t capable of showing it or admitting it. She helped to humanize him, and without her, he’s just a monster saddled with raising three kids. This episode is very much an “aftermath” installment, and therefore doesn’t introduce any of the many guest stars previously announced on this season, and with the exception of Quinn doing some dogged digging, Quinn and Deb having sex in the middle of a crime scene, and Angel and LaGuerta failing to communicate, it’s unclear at this point what will happen this season. I’m sure it will be great though; this show is usually pretty fantastic. What did you think of the premiere?

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Unknown said...

I think it was a great episode. It's taking Dexter in a different direction and leaving Michael C. Hall with the opportunity to get his Emmy-hype rollin' since Cranston out of the running this year. While it may not have a lot of the same mystique of previous Dexter seasons, it's still impressive that the writers can continue to develop the titular character despite entering its fifth-season. I really hope to see Dexter finding a more human side that complicates his entire identity. As for the supporting cast, I just really hope that Quinn doesn't end up in a Doakes-type position to be killed at the end of the season.