Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What I’m Watching: Hung (Season Finale)

Hung: Season 2, Episode 10 “Even Steven or Luckiest Kid in Detroit” (B+)

Unlike many other shows, this season didn’t end with a big bang or a major cliffhanger. Things are actually relatively calm and only quietly uncertain for Ray, who may now have gone from two to zero jobs, and all of his friends and family. Lenore’s revenge wasn’t nearly as severe as might have been expected, and Tanya and Ray have basically reconciled. The most action gotten in the episode is actually the bumbling Ronnie, who protests when his married female friend tries to take out her frustration towards her marriage by helping him to a bit of pleasure in the car. I enjoyed Ronnie’s attempt to be “Even Steven” with Jessica by likening his actions to her going to see another dermatologist. Jessica’s decision to be on her own, tragic as it is for Ray, actually does make sense, and her relationship with Ray is reminding me a lot of Hank and Karen on “Californication,” if only for the way it’s cyclical rather than the very drastic difference in knowledge of activities on the part of the ex-wife on the two shows. Damon coming to Tanya for consolation and providing her some comfort was a wonderful sign of how close they’ve gotten and how invested in its supporting characters this show is. The most touching part of the episode, of course, was the reconciliation between Mike and Frances, aided by the uniquely talented but even more awkward Tanya. What was best about this season, as I often noted, was the interactions between Ray, Tanya, and Lenore, and I do hope that the renewed partnership of the first two doesn’t mean that the third will disappear when the show returns for a third season next summer. It's nice to end this season on the image of Ray looking at the idea of home as something he can rebuild anywhere as long as he's surrounded by the right people.

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: Rebecca Creskoff as Lenore

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