Sunday, September 5, 2010

What I’m Watching: Weeds

Weeds: Season 6, Episode 3 “A Yippity Sippity” (B+)

After less than a full episode of seeing the Newmans in their new life, it appears they’re back to square one. It strikes me less as a repetitive element of the show than as a statement about the characters and how impossible it is for them to assume a normal life. Silas is the only one actually sort of doing what he’s supposed to do, servicing the patrons of the hotel as best as he can, even if his first customer is a weird guy who wants him to read to him practically nude for a whole bucket of tips. Nancy hasn’t lost her distaste for power-hungry men, and her attempt to force the guy to clean up his own mess predictably didn’t pan out like usual. Her brief escape from reality was cut short because she didn’t even have the energy to go to another bar to meet a random stranger, who almost ended up being an FBI agent, no less. The crazy thing is that it wasn’t hard for Nancy to believe that the FBI was after her considering all that she’s done (and the fact that they, or at least some law enforcement agency, actually are). Andy continues to be a nuisance as he’s always been, and trying to wow the chef with his cooking skills is likely to earn him the opposite of a promotion. Shane’s need to break the law is humorous and also potentially really dangerous. The what if discussion between Nancy and Silas that ended with Shane saying he probably would have killed someone anyway was darkly funny and sort of cool. I had wondered what Doug was still doing in the opening credits, and it seems that he’ll now unwittingly be the link because the Botwins and the Newmans. The Newmans really aren’t doing well and haven’t made many friends, so when Esteban does find them, things are not likely to pan out well.

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