Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What I’m Watching: Desperate Housewives (Season Premiere)

Desperate Housewives: Season 7, Episode 1 “Remember Paul” (B+)

For the most part, this episode is actually a pretty decent fresh start for this once-brilliant show now entering its seventh year. As this past Sunday night was approaching, I was realizing just how much programming there was to watch and had seriously considered giving up on this show. But this installment makes me pause to consider whether this show might just be experiencing somewhat of a creative renewal. The return of two old characters and their intersecting plotlines is an interesting device, and it’s even rarer considering how actors are often unavailable so many years after they first starred on a major show. Fortunately, terrific thespians Mark Moses, who spent some of the interim guesting and trying to defecate on “Mad Men,” and Harriet Sansom Harris are back as they help to reinvigorate the darker side of this show. Everything Paul says and does is fairly creepy, and I love the way that Felicia delights at telling her roommate that she has a friend on Wisteria Lane (Keith? Renee?). It’s fantastic to see Vanessa Williams back on television in a role fitting of follow-up to Wilhelmina Slater, and while Renee isn’t quite as evil, she’s still plenty snarky and mean enough. Renee’s presence should help to enhance the otherwise repetitive Scavo family drama. Susan’s new work shouldn’t last long, and the secrets that both Solis parents are holding create an interesting dynamic for the future. Brian Austin Green should prove to be a fun addition for both the show and for Bree, and much as I love the incomparable Kyle MacLachlan, good riddance to a ruined character, that of Orson. Let’s hope season seven is strong and reminiscent of the show’s fabulous first season!

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