Sunday, May 12, 2013

What I'm Watching: The Office (Penultimate Episode)

The Office: Season 9, Episode 22 "A.A.R.M." (B-)

This episode feels a lot like the one that came before it, celebrating the nostalgia that is inevitably tied to nine years of a show and harping on sentimental accomplishments of its most prolific characters. I'd like to start by acknowledging the futility of Andy's plotline, which was in this episode wholly embarrassing and pointless. It also featured an unproductive use of guest star Jessica St. Clair, who was much better this past week as Gary's irritating girlfriend Dana on "Veep." I don't know what fate awaits Andy, but a career in show business clearly isn't it, and I wish no more time would be wasted on it. We've already moved past the troubles in Jim and Pam's relationship as the other half of the couple reaches out to the fourth wall to involve the documentary crew in his effort to convince Pam of his enduring loyalty. Jim advising Dwight on what to do about Angela was refreshingly honest and sweet, and, while I'm sure it's going to be eventful, it's great to see them finally together, and to find out that Phillip is in fact a Schrute! The search for the assistant to the assistant to the regional manager and its predestined conclusion was entertaining, and Jim and Dwight really do know how to have fun together. Kevin hating on Angela's baby and Darryl returning to the office were less memorable, and I sincerely hope that this show will go out on a high note that will remind viewers like me why we stuck around this long.

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