Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I’m Watching: Veep

Veep: Season 2, Episode 6 “Andrew “(B+)

We get to see the foul-mouthed, angry side of Selina quite frequently, but it’s much rarer that we see her put on a show and get caught flirting in the process. I heartily enjoyed hearing how everyone, Gary in particular, disliked Andrew and were nervous about what would happen when he and Selina got together. Catherine did a marvelous job analyzing the various horrific stages of their interactions, and her best comment of the dinner was the expression of her belief that her parents might have sex on the table in front of her, which neither of them seemed to mind. It’s constantly entertaining to see Selina’s actions misinterpreted by the press, and to see her try to change her behavior at the table when she realized people were getting the wrong idea. Mike’a accidental reviving of the “Meyer the Liar” catchphrase was an unfortunate return to form for him, but it was hardly surprising. I was pleased to see not one but two “In the Loop” cast members in this episode – Mimi Kennedy as the House Majority Leader, who I feared would be bleeding from the teeth as she was in that film, where Anna Chlumsky played her assistant, and Zach Woods, who American audiences might know better from his recent role on “The Office” as Gabe. He did a great job as Amy’s date to the party who got a cold reception from Dan and who was devastated to learn that Selina didn’t remember him. Jonah’s scenes with him were tremendous as well.

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