Thursday, May 2, 2013

What I’m Watching: Revolution

Revolution: Season 1, Episode 15 “Home” (F)

I have enough trouble getting on board with most of the plot developments on this show, and I found the actions of almost all the characters in this episode wholly inconsistent and unbelievable. After nearly crying after his old friend Miles rebuked their friendship during the mid-season finale, Monroe is now a hardhearted tyrant, preparing to wipe out his entire hometown just so that he can get Miles to show up for an extermination. I noted about the season finale of another Monday night show that you should never sentence your villain – or your hero in this case – to perish in a fire, since he’s obviously going to survive. Preparing to harm Emma was also quite extreme considering how he felt about her, and finding out that he has a son was a shock that will ultimately prove inconsequential thanks to her untimely death. The web of “24” players guest-starring on this show continues with Annie Wersching, who portrayed Renee Walker and never shared the screen with either Billy Burke or Leslie Hope, appearing as Emma. Priscilla’s reaction to seeing Aaron, however staged, was far too casual, and I can’t believe that he would just let her go after finding out that she has a family. It’s way too easy to run into long-lost lovers and family members on this show. The idea of Tom betraying the Monroe Republic to help Georgia doesn’t track, and I’m only slightly curious to see what exactly he’s up to and where his allegiances truly lie.

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