Thursday, May 16, 2013

What I’m Watching: Revolution

Revolution: Season 1, Episode 17 “The Longest Day” (F)

This show’s use of flashbacks needs serious work, since everything contained within this hour doesn’t actually tell us anything new about the strained relationship between Miles and Rachel. I was amused by Aaron’s response to Rachel being physically wounded, telling her that he didn’t want to hear it and trying to force her to move anyway. Healing her was pretty formidable, but the fact that it spawned an entirely two-faced monster who claimed not to care about helping people at all was appalling and unconvincing. Tom shifted back to the coldhearted tyrant he used to be at the beginning of the episode when he tried to bully Jason into shooting him, and then abruptly morphed back into the more accessible and sensitive person he seems to occasionally be, making him even more inconsistent than ever before. I suppose that Charlie isn’t invincible since Danny did go ahead and get himself killed, but it’s still far from suspenseful to see her life put in jeopardy since she’s obviously not going to die. Monroe capturing Nora is a much bigger problem, especially considering the fact that he opted to have one of his most loyal deputies (and one of the show’s best actors, Mark Pellegrino) taken out because he thought that he must have been planning again him. Foster may be set to surrender, but Monroe is unraveling at an alarming rate after losing Emma and now Jeremy, and I suspect he won’t have the upper hand for long. Whether Georgia will benefit from that is a separate question.