Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What I’m Watching: Dexter

Dexter: Season 8, Episode 7 “Dress Code” (B)

This was a perfectly fine episode, but I can’t help thinking that Hannah’s return should have been a bit more dramatic. Poisoning Dexter and Deb just for the hell of it when she’d rather not be bothered seemed ill-advised, considering she knows Dexter and how he responds to things, and it makes much more sense as a cry for help. That said, it didn’t take much time for Julian Sands’ abusive Miles Foster to be disposed of, reuniting Dexter and Hannah because of their shared part in the killing but still keeping them at odds romantically because of Dexter’s irreversible act of betrayal. Unfortunately, Dexter’s new act of loyalty has caused problems in two other arenas. Deb following the two of them means that her vendetta against Hannah is still strong, and even if she and Dexter get back to a good place, Deb isn’t likely to stand for it. It’s good to see Jacob stand up for himself and not let himself be trampled by Deb, and I hope that romance comes to some sort of fruition, especially with Quinn moving in with Jamie, making that relationship seem infallible, at least for the moment. Dexter really should have kept a closer eye on Zach and listened to what he said, because the death of danger-seeking neighbor Cassie in the apartment right next to Dexter’s is going to put everyone on edge. On a lighter note, Masuka trying to offer his topless daughter a job was sweet, and I’m glad that a secret like that seems to be the worst of their problems.

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