Thursday, August 8, 2013

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan: Season 1, Episode 6 “Housewarming” (B+)

These Donovan brothers truly are fascinating. As if Ray wasn’t self-destructive enough on his own, we also got a great look at both of his brothers in this hour. Terry wasn’t featured too much, but he did seem to forgive Frances almost instantly despite having seen her with what appears to be a family, and I worry that he’s going to bring it up at some point soon and it’s really going to ruin things. Bunchy, on the other hand, had everything going for him, a supportive father who encouraged him to buy a house and a sister-in-law who was willing to come decorate it for his blow-out housewarming party even though her husband would be furious to learn that he had purchased the place at all. Falling off the wagon was a bad step, of course, and setting fire to the house was definitely ill-advised. Ray showing up and pulling a gun on Mickey was the worst part of the night, mainly because it so clearly terrified his children, which is the last thing that he wants. The execution of Avi’s coffee swap with Van was brilliantly-showcased, and his hallucinations were extremely weird at best. His unbroken resolve is certainly problematic, and if there’s one thing that Ray really doesn’t like, it’s being thwarted. Putting himself directly in a federal agent’s crosshairs was not what he wanted, and that makes him just as dangerous and vulnerable as anyone else on his list, and all the more likely to do something drastic and irreversible.

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