Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What I’m Watching: Longmire (Season Finale)

Longmire: Season 2, Episode 13 “Bad Medicine” (B+)

What a packed finale! There was a brush with the Cheyenne that got Mathias involved in everything, Ed was in the hospital after getting beaten to a pulp, and Detective Fales showed up to wreak havoc on Walt’s personal life and those closest to him. Ultimately, Ed was the most inconsequential element of the episode, but it was still worrisome to see how concerned Walt was because of his condition, since he had threatened him enough to be cast as the prime suspect. It was interesting that Ferg figured that Vic was having an affair with Ed, while Ed concluded that Vic must be sleeping with Walt. Leaving town with a haunting note for Vic was actually the worst possible outcome, since she won’t be able to live peacefully until he’s fully out of her life. Fales’ return meant bad things for everyone, and Cady was certainly in a less cooperative mood than the last time we saw her. Having Mathias arrest Henry was a big deal, and though I’m sure he’ll hold up okay in custody, that’s hardly the way things should have gone down. And it’s not even as if Walt can give it his full attention, because his new friend Branch got himself stabbed by a dead Native American. Who knows what could happen next? This was a very solid season, and though the show has yet to be renewed for a third season, I have no doubt that will occur, and look forward to its return sometime next year.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Katee Sackhoff as Vic

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