Thursday, August 15, 2013

What I’m Watching: The Newsroom

The Newsroom: Season 2, Episode 5 “News Night with Will McAvoy” (B+)

I’ve compared HBO series in the past to full-length films, and watching an episode of this show definitely feels like sitting down for an entire movie. The thread of this episode was grounded by Will getting the call from his father’s cell phone at the start and not calling him in time to talk to him while he was still alive. Will’s passive non-reaction was almost expected, and it was only when the camera was focused on him and he didn’t speak for a few seconds that the impact of that life event really hit. Jeff Daniels seems to be the one part of this show that Emmy voters actually like, and this feels like a perfect Emmy submission for next year. Mackenzie seemed much meaner than usual in this episode, but she did have some important things to say to the Rutgers student who planned on coming out on television. Having Jim back in the episode was most useful for exposing Maggie’s instability, and seeing her discover her screw-up was rather devastating. Charlie’s meeting with his stoic source was quite enlightening, and it’s all just as intriguing as it is worrisome given that we know how this all plays out. I’m glad that Sloan and Don didn’t kiss but had such a great bonding moment while she lamented the embarrassing photos taken of her – and got her revenge – and he tried to take back his jesting comment that got taken all too seriously. The best moment of that exchange was inarguably Sloan’s deadpan delivery of the lengthy animal joke.

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