Friday, August 23, 2013

What I’m Watching: Longmire

Longmire: Season 2, Episode 12 “A Good Death is Hard to Find” (B+)

Whenever the lawmen on this show go to talk to a member of Branch’s family, you know things aren’t going to be pretty. It was great to see Peter Weller again as the deep-voiced, shady Lucien Connolly, who would of course want to play a game of chess with Walt while they were chasing down a man missing a finger. I’m glad that Lucien’s involvement was limited to an occasional tendency to remove digits and sleep with criminals’ wives rather than outright corruption and murder, and having him around definitely made things a bit more foreboding and intriguing. This story was strange from the start, and I’m glad that, though he asked her questions like he believed her, Walt wasn’t overly compelled by Connie’s tales and inclined to take her word seriously when she clearly had a thing for sleeping with law enforcement officials. Ed popping up again provided an excellent impetus for an unfortunate misunderstanding between Vic and Lizzie, though, given Walt’s enthusiasm for the relationship as a whole, I doubt he’ll be too broken up by the fact that she might not stop by pretending to return a book late at night anymore. Vic going to Henry to hire a mercenary was considerably more intense, and the fact that he called Walt meant that he knew things had gotten bad. Walt’s visit to Ed’s motel at the end of the episode seemed effective, but I suspect that he’s not done trying to make her life miserable just yet.

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