Monday, August 12, 2013

What I’m Watching: Wilfred

Wilfred: Season 3, Episode 9 “Confrontation” (B)

This was a fully intriguing episode, but I found the fact that it seemed so detached from reality alienating rather than inviting. It makes no sense to me that Ryan would host Christmas at his house and not involve Jenna and Drew in some way, especially if Wilfred was around. Bringing Mary Steenburgen and James Remar in for the half-hour was extremely welcome, especially to see them spar verbally for the length of the episode. Watching Kristen try so desperately to get her father’s approval was awful, and it’s rare to see Ryan as the more put-together child. Wilfred egged him on more than ever to mistrust his father’s true intentions when he seemed ready to forgive his misdeeds, and it was extremely powerful to see Ryan confront his father about his suicide attempt and to hear his father actually apologize for not being there. Wilfred’s presence did seem deceptively soothing, but his accident when Ryan’s father popped out as Santa was a sour ending to the evening. This episode took a devastating turn for its closing moments, revealing that Kristen was the one who made the drawing, not Ryan, and not permitting viewers the typical drug-induced post-credits scene, instead ending on a shot of Ryan looking helplessly at Wilfred. It’s unclear whether Kristen being the artist means anything more than that Wilfred has always been present in Ryan’s life, but this latest information provides no comfort, instead elongating the eternal quest for answers about Wilfred’s existence and his meaning in Ryan’s life.

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