Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Round Two: Between

Between: Season 1, Episode 2 “Who’s the Boss?” (C-)

My interest in this show went from mild to extremely low in large part to the quality of this episode. The death of all the adults, made official by the passing of Chuck’s tar-and-feather-loving father, has made the town significantly dumber, and it’s especially hard to take Pretty Lake seriously because all of the teenagers look like they’re at least thirty. Everyone seems awfully ready to burn the bodies, and despite the fact that he has no authority over everyone, Chuck has become the de facto leader who bosses everyone around. At times, he seems like a solid leader, but going to Ronnie’s house ready to start something was a poor decision, and the fact that Amanda has deceived him into thinking that Ronnie torched the store doesn’t help matters at all. It was also awfully convenient that Gord happened to be stealing from a store for allegedly noble reasons at the same time that he caught Ronnie stealing other supplies. Lana being found dead in the middle of the woods does not bode well for anyone, and it’s abundantly clear that something more sinister is going on and that the quarantine will not be lifted any time soon. Adam pronouncing medical and crime theories is unintentionally hilarious, mostly because of the incredibly disinterested affect that he has. It’s a wonder that he turned out to be searching for a dead body moments before they were all burned so that he could happen upon a well-timed wakeup by Wiley moments before she would have been toast.

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