Monday, June 15, 2015

What I’m Watching: Orange is the New Black (Season Premiere)

Orange is the New Black: Season 3, Episode 1 “Mother’s Day” (B+)

Just watching the opening credits of this show was a reminder to me of how much I enjoy it, and it’s truly great to have it back on the (streaming) air. While others have already binged the whole season two or three times, I’m excited for it to take me all the way through September, especially since every episode is so packed with plot development and character interaction. I loved the Mother’s Day theme of this hour, which allowed for not just one central flashback but a number of looks back at the inmates’ early experiences with their mothers. It seems that only Poussey really had positive associations, and it was a shame that everyone around her couldn’t support those memories and had to stomp on them instead. Bringing a large group of children to Litchfield probably wasn’t the smartest idea, especially when the alarm had to be sounded and everyone was traumatized, but at least no one got hurt. Daya’s baby drama is out of control, with her family members introducing themselves to John and Mendez’s mother writing her a letter that she hears she is expecting a grandchild. Caputo certainly doesn’t want to hear any of it, and it’s entertaining to see how he’s putting into effect his legitimately decent vision for what the prison system should look like. Big Boo comforting Pennsatucky as she stood over the graves of her aborted children was surprisingly sweet, and it’s nice to see that most unexpected friendship blossoming. And then we have Piper and Alex, reunited but barely featured, something I’ll sure will change as the season progresses.

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