Monday, June 8, 2015

Take Three: Between

Between: Season 1, Episode 3 “Crossing Lines” (D)

I’m starting to think that maybe this show doesn’t need to be a part of my summer lineup. It’s mainly the dialogue that ruins it for me, since the rest is really just kids being kids while thinking that they’re qualified to be adults. Adam diagnosing that Wiley is definitely going to die but hopefully not for decades is supposed to be humor, but it’s far funnier than intended since his position as stand-in doctor is rather absurd. Throwing Wiley’s bag with the money in it to test for a mine was another astute move. “You’re being a pain in the ass – someone has to milk the cows” was one of my favorite lines from this episode, as Frannie demonstrated her advanced twelve-year-old vocabulary by calling Chuck a moron and his friends Neanderthals. Taming a tiger hardly seems like a productive use of an hour, even if she is only a fringe character. Gord getting shot reminded me of Monty Python’s famous line, “It’s only a flesh wound,” enabling him to continue mediating the inane feud between Chuck and Ronnie’s family. Stacy did a bang-up job of escalating things by adding false fuel to the fire and framing Ronnie for something he didn’t do, and it serves her right to get caught in a lie by Chuck, who hopefully will realize that he needs to calm tensions down rather than let them continue to get out of hand. Wiley going to stay with Ronnie couldn’t possibly be a bad idea, and I don’t think I’ll stick around to find out how it all goes down.

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