Saturday, June 27, 2015

What I’m Watching: Orphan Black (Season Finale)

Orphan Black: Season 3, Episode 10 “History Yet to Be Written” (B+)

It’s enormously sad to me that this show has already reached the end of its season, but it’s reassuring and wonderful to note that this show truly feels like a fully developed and mature show. Don’t get me wrong – I found this show awesome and complete from the very start, but it’s now gotten to the point where there’s so much going on that it can have a triumphant sendoff like this one with plenty of plot twists on a number of fronts. Delphine’s demise at the hands of a mysterious assailant was the most poignant since she’s one of the original characters who has been with the show from its very inception, and who made up for everything she did wrong to Cosima in recent episodes with her loyal and protective actions. The passionate kiss she shared with Cosima emphasized their enduring connection, and she now follows Paul as a monitor who fell in love with her clone to ultimately bite the bullet due to her association and involvement. The sestras have ridden themselves of one enemy – Dr. Coady – and gotten themselves into bed with another potentially much more dangerous new ally, Ferdinand. Krystal has been saved a gruesome fate as Rachel’s doomed doppelganger, and now Rachel must contend with another malicious mother in her family line since the late Professor Duncan’s wife is revealed to be very much alive. This has been a tumultuously exciting season and a firm cementing of this show’s enduring quality. I can’t wait for season four!

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: Tatiana Maslany

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