Friday, June 26, 2015

Round Two: Dark Matter

Dark Matter: Season 1, Episode 2 “Episode Two” (B)

I’m forming much more of an attachment to this show than I expected to, and I’m very pleasantly surprised about that. I really like the central notion of the premise, which is that these people know that they’re bad but have the choice now to redefine themselves as something else and something better. That doesn’t necessarily make them terrific people, as Three still has quite the mean streak in him that doesn’t always put innocent people above his well-being, but they are free to make choices about who they are. I like also that their lack of knowledge of their identities gives them a certain confidence to lie and pretend, as Two managed to do expertly in manipulating those around her to both protect their reputation and ensure that her enemies wouldn’t be a problem. Their pasts will surely catch up with them sooner or later, but for now it’s clear that they’re on a different path, and I’m eager to see where it takes them as they discover more about the world they live in and inadvertently also more about themselves. I like the Android’s minimal personality, asking emotionless guards if they have offspring, and I think she’s a strong character. Five is definitely the biggest mystery, and it seems that she knows more than the rest of them do about their true intentions, even if she too can’t figure out exactly what she knows and why it is that she knows it. I’m eager to learn more, but also content in the knowledge that it may take a while for it all to be revealed.

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