Sunday, June 28, 2015

What I’m Watching: Tyrant (Season Premiere)

Tyrant: Season 2, Episode 2 “Enter the Fates” (C+)

I’m at a point where I want to keep watching just to be able to keep up with the storyline of this show, but I think that it’s bene long enough and the show hasn’t merited continued hope of it getting to a point of being truly invigorating. Bassam crawling through the desert for the entire duration of the episode is an unfortunately accurate representation of this show’s pace, and the fact that he ended up getting captured as some theoretically worthwhile trophy at the end of the hour just underlined the fact that there are interesting things happening on this show, just not at the rate that they should be. The revolution is also worthwhile, though it seems that they could do a better job not seeming outright suspicious, since it stands to reason that, even if the assassination had been successful, its perpetrator would surely have been killed on the spot and not gotten away with it, so getting recognized should hardly have been a concern. He did manage to blow a major deal for Jamal, whose vengeful nature probably won’t help him keep the business relationship he so ardently fought to create. Molly seems extremely calm considering the fact that she believes her husband has just been executed by his brother, and I’m sure the eventual knowledge that he’s still alive won’t jolt her too much either. Bringing back Sammy’s forbidden romance is a strangely timed move, but I assume it’s because the American Fayyad family isn’t close to done with Abbudin. Will I watch again next week? I haven’t decided.

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