Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What I’m Watching: Tyrant (Season Premiere)

Tyrant: Season 2, Episode 1 “Mark of Cain” (C+)

I debated whether or not to watch this episode after an uninspiring first season, but I decided it was worth checking out before the influx of summer television truly began. Season premieres are always temperamental after highly impactful finales, and Bassam being imprisoned after General Tariq was released and helped keep Jamal in power was definitely a transformative note on which to end. The aftermath is certainly eerie but hardly as enticing as the setup of season one, mainly because now Jamal is the one who wants to seem least like a dictator and he no longer has his brother there to temper his actions and advocate against the vicious plans conceived of by Tariq. He still gets to be villainous, crushing his son’s dreams of starting new somewhere else and intimidating the future mother of his grandchild. It was painfully obvious that it wasn’t Bassam under that hood during the execution, and Jamal deciding to drop his treacherous brother somewhere in the desert that was remote enough that he had to take a helicopter is a cruel punishment but one that will surely come back to hurt him. Molly’s efforts don’t seem to be working too well, and the revolutionary cause in Abuddin is gaining steam enough to make Tariq want to exterminate it. I’m a bit curious; we’ll see how long that lasts and whether I continue to tune in for the entirety of this show’s second season when there are more enticing dramas on television right now.

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