Friday, January 12, 2018

What I’m Watching: The Crown

The Crown: Season 2, Episode 4 “Beryl” (B)

The definition of the crown is expanding as this episode moved away from one poor sport who’s not the queen – Philip – to another poor sport who has the misfortune of being the princess – Margaret. She’s hardly had anything easy since her sister assumed the top regal role, but Margaret is generally a rather unpleasant and uncooperative person who feels that she’s been wronged in just about every circumstance. The perfect marriage that she could have had was ruined for no real reason, as far as she sees it, and now she finally has the opportunity to be involved with someone else who she emphasized despised her for being affiliated with the crown, which made her like him more. I’m not at all surprised that Matthew Goode was the choice to play Tony, as he has an extensive resume full of roles like this and more innocent, kindhearted ones like “The Good Wife” and, most similar to this show, “Downton Abbey.” I’m not sure what Margaret was thinking in allowing him to take a photo of her that showed considerably more than she’s supposed to, and I knew from that moment that it would get leaked to the press. Having everyone discovering it in the newspaper at the end of the hour spells certain doom for Margaret, though something tells me she’s going to hold this against someone other than Tony or herself even though it’s his fault for taking the picture and her fault for posing for it knowing that it had to see the light of day eventually.

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